Flight attendant blogging tip #1 (and other totally useless information you should ignore)

Dear Heather,

I enjoy your blog.  I’m a flight attendant, too, and I recently started my own blog.  Let me know what you think…



 Dear Grant,

Overall, great blog, but there’s just one little thing I’d change.  It’s something that will improve your blog tremendously…

Blogging tip #1:  Post pictures! Lots of them. 

Add AT LEAST one photo to every blog post.  Of course the more photos the better, I say, because people not only want to read about what you’re experiencing at 30,000 feet, they also want to see it!  Flight attendants have an unusual job and a life that many people still find fascinating.  Why?  Because we see and do things regular people on the ground just don’t.  Sometimes even I can’t believe what I’m actually seeing – and photographing.  Take for instance the time I walked up to first class galley to report a broken seat to the flight attendant in charge who was absolultely no where to be found!  What I did find, however, was a tad bit disturbing.  Check it out…


Strangely enough, people really do want to read about this kind of stuff!  At least I hope they do because that’s what I’ll be talking about at the Travel Blog Exchange conference in Chicago on July 26th.  I’m actually speaking on a panel with other travel writers on how to keep a lively blog.  I honestly had no idea that my blog was “lively” until I received an email from the wonderful people in charge of the conference, which means there’s now quite a bit of pressure to liven things up.  And don’t even get me started on what I’m going to wear to the conference!  I’m thinking blue, navy blue, because of the whole uniform thing.  Or black.  Just because I like black.  Maybe even white.  Okay, so I have no idea what I’m going to wear, but that’s another story, which is why I’ve got to stop writing and go shopping, and why I asked my always stylish author friend, Margo Candela,  for fashion advice.   

“Don’t wear anything shiny,” she said matter of fact.

“Shiny?  Like sparkles?” I asked, because I’m really not a shiny sparkly kind of girl, and to be honest, I was kinda surprised to hear she thought I might be.  

“No, I mean don’t wear any silk or satin,” Margo clarified. 

NO SILK OR SATIN I wrote down on a beverage napkin.  Now if I’d been smart, Grant, I would have photographed that beverage napkin and then posted it here, as that would have been following blogging tip #1, but since that didn’t happen, you’re going to have to settle for this…

 LIVELY BLOGGING PANEL FASHION TIP #1:  Don’t wear anything shiny.

So there you have it, Grant!    Add photos, don’t wear silk or satin, and leave the sparkles at home.  Hope that helps and thanks for writing!  




  1. Pictures add a lot of value to your post. Great tip. Another would be to have a recurrent/series on a particular subject to build on repeat visitors thus creating a following.

    Adding other media such as video/music for example helps a lot.

    Maintaining a character through your blog is a good start too. Mine is would be the most cynical dude you could ever meet.

  2. Oh thanks for this, I took your advice and I’ll tell you the truth the viewership has doubled in the last few days! Dairy air is one month old today and we just past 430 views…..Thanks for the support and don’t worry your favorite sarcastic regional (and straight) fligth attendant will be coming up with more.

    And no worrys don’t wear shiny things, Im lucky i got a wonderfull woman that teaches me all the fashion dos and dont’s

    Grant Ryan
    Author of Dairy Air

  3. Travel Blogger Tip #3 : get some networking done. Blogrolling is a hits booster. Expand onto social networking websites such as twitter/facebook and others to get added visitors to your blog. Get it known.

    Travel Blogger Tip #4 : write short and often. Stay focused on one topic per entry as much as possible.

    Travel Blogger Tip #5 : interact with your readers. comment on your own blog answering others comments.

  4. Grant – Glad to hear your blog is already doing so well.

    Sodwee – Great tips! Thanks for sharing

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