The New Mile High Club is “G” Rated…

heather-poole-lavatoryMSNBC has written a very interesting article about a “G” rated mile high club, which is actually about, you guessed it, THE LAVIATORS CLUB!   I am so excited!  And talk about perfect timing.  I just finished writing a Galley Gossip post scheduled to run on Tuesday featuring a  laviator music video.   I’m not joking.  There is now a video.  Thanks to my new friend George in Romania.  So make sure to check it out.

Here’s  the best part about the MSNBC article written by Scott Friedman & Frank Heinz (love ya, guys!)…

Blogger/flight attendant, Heather Poole, coins the phenomenon “laviating” — the act of photographing yourself in the airplane lavatory. In a play on the word aviator, participants are dubbed “laviators.”




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