That’s it – we’ve got to get George on an airplane – NOW!

15cdscdscdsDear Heather,

301 views of the laviators video!!!  It’s the number 1 in aviation video I have (considering the number of views) and all 301 in just a few days. I think I’m dealing with the most famous flight attendant of the year…

All the comments and your posts impressed me. I liked some people who laviated posted comments and found themselves in the video.  After all this you made my desire and love for English language become stronger and made me realize that a dream really worth keeping.

I think aviation is spectacular, fantastic and hidden in unusual and corny things – unruly passengers, tray tables, spilt coffee, fatigue, delays – are just some things who cover the real image of aviation.  But if you look beyond things you realize that is beautiful.  A beautiful blue  & white world.

From the ground aviation seems gorgeous. Cool white planes, the engines’ sound, the blue sky, the jetstreams, the trees and the height… the nice FA uniform, those wings, those beautiful newspaper advertisemens, the airlines’ logos, the destinations, the light, the tickets, the inflight-magazines, the check-in offices…the airlines’ websites!!  THE STYLE.

You’re woking in the middle of an airline. You know the best how life is in the center of aviation. You know better that the things sometimes are not so gorgeous, or at least not on some airlines… But however, I think aviation is amazing, it’s something special. From our encestors’ desire up to inflight HQ call quality and worldwide radio and wider windows.  It’s something magic, it’s the deep blue infinity of the sky…

You made me think on translating some compositions or better say journal posts (I don’t have a journal). I’m not sure.  It’s very nice of you and of your readers to want see me in an airplane. When I’m at my grandmother I always look after any plane crossing by. I like the sound, the height and the plane itself. They are little in the sky but at least they are real and there. I wish I knew the airline…

One of my dream is to fly. To go to the airport buy the ticket…(it’s already like a spectacle) to see the smile of the ticketing agent and to congratulate her/him for the job… and then to go to security check…and then to board, to smell the plane, to see it, to congratulate the FA, to ask her even sign my “I love airlines” labeled shirt, to put the seat bealt on, to listen to the “ding” sound (I love that little sound)… And I’ll leave the place as it was before-even more tidy- and to speak with the FAs and to admire the clouds, ahh… to enjoy the sound…mmm

And then the other dream was to become a flight attendant but now I’m thinking of it as the second job. I already have an FA uniform!  I think sometime I’ll fly.  Maybe I didn’t fought for this dream enough. And I’ll do all the possible to become one of your laviators. I’ll probably fly with ATR Alenia or so. I’d like to keep in touch.  I was very happy to see the posts and all the readers. You made my day.   Here is my preffered TV commercial which I think it reflects my dream in some way…

Thank you!

Best wishes,
George B

Dear George,

It is I who must thank you – for reminding me what an amazing job I have!  To see it through your eyes is a wonderful experience.  These days it’s just too easy to take things for granted, so thank you, thank you, thank you! 


PS You’ve got a growing fan club and they request that you join them (and me) on!   

PSS National Georgraphic  (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC!) mentioned the laviators, and posted YOUR video in the article!



  1. There’s got to be someone out there who can get George on a plane! I would love to see his mug in the laviator line-up!

  2. I must agree. I had the pleasure of flying with “experienced flyers” today and they make all the difference. So nice to have a thank you for the usual OJ. A thank you for a welcome…. You got me. I chalenge anyone onto a Delhi or a Bombay mid-adternoon… God I love Austalian pax… 4 wines later I still bloody love them. They keep it composed unlike some others… Not to name anyone. Actually I challenge Heather to do a DXB-BOM/MAA anytime and see her impressions !

    In SIN now and loving every bit of it ! Saw Quantas taking the shuttle bus earlier and straight away thought of TrayTable for some obscur reason, Australian are the best pax ever !

  3. Airboy – I feel the same way about Australians. They’re THE BEST passengers.

    Michelle – that’s funny – The George World Tour! It’d be amazing. If only I could figure out how to make it work. BUT…people have been offering me miles, money, and buddy passes, so you never know…

  4. Hahaha, so you see one Aussie you’ve seen em all,. right Sodwee?? 😛

    Yeah we need to get George on a plane. I wonder how? Maybe like you said, a bunch of FAs with buddy passes can ‘make it work’, to quote Tim Gunn.

    Maybe a PaylPal/Twitter/Blog thing? Have you thought of making Laviator stickers or bag tags? Maybe if people buy one they money can go to get George on a plane 😛

  5. OMG! I can’t believe you’re on NG!
    Well, thank you all. I have to figure out how twitter works….

    Have a nice day and Fly beautiful!

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