A flight attendant flag show…or something

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I’m a band director in Texas, and our marching band show is about a trip in an airplane.  I work with the colorguard/flags.  They are portraying flight attendants.  Do you have any advice for the kiddos?  We’ve been hitting YouTube for videos of the responsibilities of flight attendants.  Do you have any other suggestions for resources? We would really appreciate your input.



Okay..umm…WHAT?  I think I need more details.  Are the flags representing flight attendants or are the band members going to dress like flight attendants?  Are you creating/designing your own flags?  Are you looking for symbols – wings, suitcases, etc.   Or do you just want to know what flight attendants do?  My mom, also a flight attendant who is from Texas and was once a twirler in the band, wants to know if you’re doing formations?  Oh and you do know you’re going to have to video tape this show and send it to me, right? 

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