Frequent flier pet peeve – rude flight attendants

889452754_8cc5241919So heather. Tell me your opinion on this. Today I flew home from visiting my bubby in Boca and I was reminded of one of my biggest flight attendant pet peeves. The flight attendant working in first class, while addressing passengers to take drink orders and when checking in during the flight, asked..”what do you need” ? A call light would ring, she’d saunter out of the galley and bark, “what do you need”? I dunno why, but this bothers me. I think it’s borderline rude. It makes me feel like she feels bothered by the passengers.?. What do you think?

P.S. These flights to MIA were not nearly as eventful as the last, but there was a man who boarded on his phone and freaked out because the boarding music was too loud. He lunged into the galley and requested it to be turned off. When it was, he sat in his seat and spoke louder than the music. Ahhhh!!! some people!

Dear R.F

There’s a reason I avoid the New York – Miami route! There’s always something out of the ordinary happening on that flight. Which is why I’m not at all surprised by the passenger’s request to turn down the boarding music so he could talk on his phone. Recently I was flagged down during the safety video because someone thought it was too loud and wondered if I could shut it off – shut it off! The video! The one that goes over what to do in case of an emergency! Because he’d seen it already.

That’s not all. Years ago on another flight I had a celebrity on board who happened to be traveling in first class with her infant son. She rang the flight attendant call light and said, “Do you think you can ask the Captain not to make anymore announcements. My son is sleeping.”

It was true, her son was sleeping, so I smiled, nodded, and walked straight to the cockpit. Oh how I couldn’t wait to relay that message and see the look on the Captain’s face.




  1. oh yeah, one of my biggest pet peeves are my rude co workers, we all have bad days and some passengers do get to us, im talking about the ones whom are rude all the time for no reason.

    Grant Ryan
    author of Dairy Air

  2. I have to say that I’ve been on some flights where the pre flight video volume is cranked up so high that I can actually feel my eardrums moving. That is not a good thing. I know the FAs do this in hopes of getting people to shut up and pay attention, but it hurts us all (literally) in attempt to get an idiot to pay attention.

    • Karen – The problem is sometimes the volume in the galley isn’t the same as what’s being heard in the cabin, so flight attendants may have no idea just how loud the video might be. We’re not supposed to be walking around during the video, either.

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