Laviator makes it into Urban Dictionary!

13929193-56454c8bc38475ccab65c6ccf809dc3f_4a42a43c-fullHi Heather!

I got Laviator in the Urban Dictionary! I wanted to put your name in it since it IS your thing, but I was afraid they wouldn’t accept it. It says not to use “non-celebrity” names. Maybe I should have waited til AFTER the book haha! I’m feeling a little boring now as I wish I would have added some more flair to the definition, but it’s there for the world to see at least.


Dear Michelle,

Oh.  My.  God!  I love you.  I’ve just got one question….WHO ARE YOU?  I don’t know how you made this happen, but I’m so glad that you did.  I owe you big time.  Next time I’m in San Francisco I’m taking you out!  Perhaps it’s time to make an official laviator page here on my website.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Michelle!  (pictured above)


One comment

  1. I can’t take all the credit! UD is a user-edited site, so really anyone can do it. Right now they’re deciding if definition writers will be able to edit their own posts. Hopefully once this happens, we can get in there and add some more info. You know, how a FA coined the phrase and how YOU have been the one to spread the gospel 😉

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