A letter, crap hair, and flight attendant photos…

Hey there!CIMG0065

Forgive me for my somewhat bold email, just wished to compliment you on your fantastic blog there! I love it! As a bloke who comes from a flying background (my Mum was, Aunt and Step-Mum are cabin crewand Dad is a CSM) and who was flying only to give it up to study at university and now works on the ground, (desperately itching to get back in the air) your blog keeps me nicely in touch with the airborne side that I miss oh so much! hehe I don’t know if your still looking for crew pics but I attached one of me, lol I had to cut my hair it was too hard to manage and looked crap anyway, not sure how I ever got away with that one!  I hope to cross paths with you in a customs lane some where one day, or better yet at a hotel bar!

Dear Scott,

Yeah, well, you probably won’t see me at a hotel bar since our layovers are too short and there’s barely enough time to eat, sleep, AND shower.  Obviously I’m working for the wrong airline.   As for being “bold”, I thank you for that.  You are too kind, and too cute!  Thanks for the photo.  BTW, I totally understand the crap hair issue, as I struggle with it everyday.  You, my friend, don’t have an issue, trust me.  And just so you know, you’ve inspired me to create a new page here on my blog – FLIGHT ATTENDANT PHOTOS – where I’ll be adding yours in about two seconds.  I know I love to look at pictures of flight attendants so I just figured others would, too.  Thanks again, Scott, and get to scratching that itch!

Heather Poole

If you have a photograph you’d like to submit, send it to me – SKYDOLL123 at YAHOO.COM


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