New seat belt sign…

Dear Heather,

Wish we would replace ALL no-smoking signs with this one..



Dear Gordon,

I love that photo.  Thank you for sharing.  I now hereby dedicate the Galley Gossip post, cell phones on the airplane, to you.  Enjoy.  And thank you for the flight attendant photos!  I’m adding them to the FLIGHT ATTENDANT page right now! 



One comment

  1. I’ve been flying for business every other month for the past few years, and every time I sit down on a plane, I look up and wonder why they haven’t swapped the overhead ‘no smoking’ lights with something more relevant (like “turn off electronic devices”), given that smoking has been verboten on flights for years.

    Wouldn’t a few well-placed physical signs in the cabin do the same job as the existing “no smoking” lights? Or are the lights still FAA-mandated?

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