It’s not so much what he wrote, but *who* it was that wrote it…

dashandrossSeptember 18th, 2009 • Ross Martin

I’m Following A Flight Attendant. What airline? She won’t tell. All I know is that we are going to go for pizza next week, as soon as she lands. It’s Friday, and my Favorite Follow today on twitter is Heather Poole, a flight attendant.

Heather’s pretty genius, with a following all her own. Her fans call themselves Laviators, a word that just entered the Urban Dictionary. Laviators are travelers who take photos of themselves and make music videos in airplane bathrooms. We could do a whole series of these. I’m publicly daring Chester French to make a video on one of Heather’s flights.

Call them at 617-830-2532 and tell D.A. they gotta do this…

Continue reading I’M FOLLOWING A FLIGHT ATTENDANT and then make sure to periodically check out Martin’s very cool blog  And yes, we really are going out for pizza next week.  I hope.  And he better bring that crazy kid with him.


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  1. Cant believe I never saw this until now. Great to see your blog just keeps getting better and better, Heather. Love it. Hope you’re doing great,,,


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