Flight attendant offered it all…and then some


I am writing from 39K feet, glass of wine in hand.  I am SO in my element! LOL…I wish you were working this flight, the purser is uber gay, and has offered everything, including himself ( literally) So get this, the oven door is stuck shut, so we can’t have cookies! 😦 These Md80s are getting old! First has 11 empty seats, It’s like a ghost town up here, but leaves me plenty of opportunity to galley ‘Hang” 🙂

p.s. this is my reconciliation flight

Dear (two-timin) Ron,

Glad to see you’re trying to work things out with the airline.  Ya see, that’s why I like you.  You’re not a quitter.  Deep down inside you really are a good frequent flier.  Now, for just a moment, please, forget about the stuck oven, because that’s not important.  What’s important is…is the uber gay one hot?  

Okay, now back to the cookies.  Did the oven get unstuck?  Were the cookies served on a plate with…oh…I don’t know…maybe a phone number written across a napkin?  Have you called the number?  Is there relationship potential here?  Hey, it happens.  I picked my husband up on a flight from New York to Los Angeles seven years ago.  So keep me posted. 


photo courtesy of Melissa Maples – flickr.com



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