Such a shame – Pam Ann


Hi there,

Any chance we can get you to blog a little about pam ann –  She is coming to the US to tour and not many people know about it… which I find a shame…. she is great… go see her if you can!

best regards



Are you with the show or something?  If so, any chance I can get a backstage pass or an invitation to the after party on October 15th?  Or how about an autograph?  A T-shirt?  Fine, I’ll take a little hop, but make sure it’s an extra hop back to the cart dedicated to me and only me!  Thank you.

If you’re not with the show, well….I think we need to talk.  Only because it’s obvious you haven’t read my blog.  Because if you had, you’d probably already know that I not only wrote about her, I raved about her!  And that, my friend, is the real shame.  You know I’m kidding, right?  Well I am.  Kind of. 


hi Heather,
i know you blogged about the show… you were the one that actually put the idea in the room to ask more bloggers to write about her… 
Any chance you have some contacts to other bloggers that could get the word out..??? and yes, i am with the show… so maybe if we find a way to get the word out within the airliners… i can maybe put you on the list for a ticket =))
Thanks and best regards,


Okay….but….umm…here’s the thing, if you know I already blogged about the show, shouldn’t you also know I already have a ticket – or two – to the October 15th show in Los Angeles?  It’s written right there in the first paragraph, so it’s not like you really could have missed that, right?  I’m just saying…  




  1. Hell ! I got the exact same email from the same misses. I think she promotes the infamous trolly dolly. Googled her name but didn’t find anythinf relevant.

    • She does work for the infamous trolly dolly and is looking for flight attendants to promote her….I told her to email the FA’s on my page….LOL. Guess she found you

  2. Hey Heather!

    Just a week to go. It would be awesome to have a meet n greet with Caroline after her show. Or, how about a photo op with Pam Ann alongside side the trolley, looking ever so busy.

    I do hope her shows sell very well. I’ve been telling everyone about her shows, e-mailing a few (including you), I even carry around her US tour dates and info. I’m just hoping her shows are successful enough for her to do more dates in the US.

    I will check my seat information and send it to you, just in case you want to stop by and say hello. Would be great to meet you in person.

    Las Vegas

    P.S. Hey Vanessa, save me a tee-shirt, and autographed picture, too!

  3. Hey guys!
    It is an honor to know that there are people writing on blogs about me. I am glad that my work has done so much in such short time!
    Sorry currently, the over time that I am putting into directing my new shows and planning new gigs is taking a toll and I am unable to grant special privileges to my fans or any audience members.

    Tune into youtube to see some snippets of my shows, as always its my pleasure to see this blog and perform for the lovely audience

    keep smiling and winking 😉
    Pam Ann

    • But I just asked for a hop, that’s it….and maybe a wink…nothing more, just a hop and a wink and maybe a point….just a hop and a wink and a point and maybe a shout out…that’s it, just a hop, a wink, a point, a shout out and…………….

  4. So, someone asked you for a favor after you already did them the favor that they were asking you for and then you asked for a tiny token favor in return and they replied with a very generic statement implying that they don’t do favors. Got it!

    • Tell me, Angie, whom, exactly, did I talk badly about? Before answering, make sure to read the post and click the links.

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