NOT-SO FLY, not your typical flight attendant show


My last post, FLY GIRLS, a flight attendant docu series, got me thinking about reality shows and what I dislike most about so many of them – there seems to be so little reality involved! Which is sad, especially when there’s plenty of material to be had! Which only got me thinking again, what if we created our own show, maybe a scripted comedy, based on reality of course, and called it NOT-SO FLY!  Think FLY GIRLS meets THE GOLDEN GIRLS with a little WILL AND GRACE mixed in between. I can see it right now…six commuting senior mamas and papas living together in a crashpad in Queens.


Larry David: A rule enforcer and bearer of bad news.

Wanda Sykes: Takes charge, regardless of whose in charge, with her own unique way of doing things.

Nathan Lane: Lead flight attendant who knows how to work all three cabins (snap snap snap!)

Jessica Lang: Ex Pan Am who still lives in the past

Ted Danson: A ladies man with a widow in every city.

Lily Tommlin: Germaphobe who never knows which city she’s in


EPISODE 1: The roomates redecorate the apartment with furniture found on a street corner and discover a new take-out joint

EPISODE 2: Senior mama takes a leave to have vericose veins removed while roommates plot to keep her out of the apartment for good

EPISODE 3: Senior daddy flies to Los Angeles, hooks up with a first class divorcee for a home cooked meal and doesn’t show up for crew pick up the following day.

EPISODE 4: Senior daddy gets grounded in LA due to a heart attack. Roommates take a vacation.

EPISODE 5: Senior mama rescues a dog and hides him in the crashpad. Senior Daddy “loses” dog. 

EPISODE 6: Roommates take the bus to Trader Joe’s to buy groceries for a pot luck dinner on a Friday night and squabble over the bill.

EPISODE 7: Roomates go into the city to see a fellow coworker perform in an off off off Broadway show. Senior daddy gets his pockets picked and senior mamas take the wrong train home

EPISODE 8: Roommates celebrate a birthday at a neighborhood bar, resulting in DRAMA – a hookup in the crashpad

EPISODE 9: Excitement in the crashpad – three roommates pick up a Las Vegas trip together, only to end up in Oklahoma City 

EPISODE 10: Senior mamas get busted in Chinatown by NYC cops for running fake designer bags across the country

Photo courtesy of Roel1943



  1. I love it!

    Love it, love it, love it!

    What a great cast.

    But you realize, they already made a show about the flight attendants at my airline.

    It was called, “The Golden Girls.”


    Sorry, I couldn’t resist! 😉

    I love the senior FAs, they have the best stories. Especially the former Pan Am ones.

  2. “Lily Tommlin: Germaphobe who never knows which city she’s in”


    I only see one way to go with this – although it wouldn’t star your dream cast, this is just screaming web series.

  3. Perfect casting…I can SO totally see Jessica Lang on a j/s bragging about “well, when I started flying we wore white gloves and had 4 day layovers in Tahiti…oh, and I got shagged by the entire “Rat Pack” over the course of 2 months.”

  4. This would be a definite winner…could be better as a Showtime or HBO series…allows for realism and funnier jokes.

    • I did credit you – at the bottom of the blog post (photo of courtesy of Roel1943) with a link back to your flickr page. I’ll now add a link ON the photo, so that when you click it it will go back to your page. Is that okay? Should I do more? Would you rather I remove the photo? Please let me know

  5. I really miss my flying days. Heck, I miss flying…and I know the few from Pacific Southwest Airlines who are still flying at U.S. Air. Senior mamas. We have some stories that could probably top Pan Am’s.

    Who is still using the word “stewardess”?

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