How to liven up a flight on Halloween

I’m working my first Halloween as a flight attendant this year and can’t come up with any really good ideas of what to do. I obviously can’t go too overboard (As they told us in training, “We’re not Southwest”) but want a little something to liven up a six-leg day.  I had some lame ideas (Vampire teeth, saying boo) but want something a bit more entertaining.  Have you seen anything, or have any good ideas?
Dear Michael,
Did you say – six leg day?  As in SIX LEGS in ONE DAY!  Like you’re actually going to hit six cities in less than 24 hours?  Forget about dressing up on Halloween!  Michael, Michael, Michael, you won’t even have to bother with a costume if you’re going to be working a trip like that.    Before the day is halfway through you’ll look like hell warmed over, so just embrace it.  Don’t fight it.  There’s really nothing else you can do.  But I hear ya on the whole don’t-work-for-Southwest-but-wanna-have-fun-on-the-holiday dilemma.  I mean there’s got to be more flight attendants can do besides wear hideous orange socks with smiling pumpkins that poke out from underneath unflattering navy-blue, pleated, polyester pants.  As for the holiday tie, it’s cute, I guess, but also a little boring.  I say go for the teeth, Michael.  Take advantage of the way you’re going to feel while working that heinous trip.  Twilight is huge and vampires are all the rage right now, so play off that.  Powder your face and eyebrows white and color your lips and nails black.  Hiss at passengers who ask for anything.  If you see someone cute, bite him!  Or her.  If you do get in trouble, blame it on the trip.  I mean that’s enough to make anyone go insane!   
Photo courtesy of Carniphage


  1. hahaha…that’s what I was going to say, “six legs??? I know I wouldn’t need a costume…I’d look like a witch by the end of leg four!” (probably, act like one too;-)

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