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This week’s NileGuide 5 interview features me!   Check it out… 

Heather’s been working as a flight attendant for a major U.S. carrier for the last 14 years. She translates her experiences at 35,000 feet into some really interesting insights about travel and people – just check out the new trend she’s started, the Laviators club. Check out her personal blog as well as her Gadling column, Galley Gossip. Keep up with Heather on Twitter at @Heather_Poole.

1. What’s the most underrated destination you’ve been to?

The long weekend getaway. Cities like Carmel, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Palm Springs, and Zihautanejo, are wonderful places to visit that won’t take an entire day traveling just to get there. When time is precious, every second counts. Like most people, my husband has a job that makes it difficult to take time off and travel the way we’d like, so we do what we can with the time that we have. There’s nothing more relaxing than just getting away, regardless of how long you stay. Most of my most memorable experiences took place during a last minute getaway. I’ll never forget leaving on a Friday and driving to Monterrey Mexico with a coworker on a whim. We made it back to work Monday morning and had an amazing story to share.

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  1. Great interview. I have to work on embracing the journey. Spent too much time today strapped in a seat as my plane sat on the tarmac waiting for it’s turn to take off (two different times today at different airports…great luck on my part). Should have read your interview before I got on that first plane.

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