CNN follows me – ME! Me? me.

By Doug Gross, CNN 
October 30, 2009 11:11 a.m.
Editor’s note: In this new weekly feature, highlights five recommended Twitter feeds about a hot topic in the news. Let us know who we missed in the comments section.

(CNN) — This week’s news of the Northwest Airlines pilots who overshot their Minneapolis destination by 150 miles because they were reportedly using laptop computers is only the latest aviation story to captivate audiences.

Whether it’s the mysterious June crash of an Air France jet over the Atlantic or January’s heroic landing of a US Airways flight in the Hudson River, we’re all drawn to stories about air travel.

The blogosphere and networking sites like Twitter are chock-full of people, both insiders and outsiders, talking about flying and air travel.  Many members of the aviation community are active on Twitter. Here are five of our favorite aviation commentators you can follow on Twitter.


2 Replies to “CNN follows me – ME! Me? me.”

  1. Who’d of thunk we had such interesting things to say huh? I ran something today about the Northwest guys loosing their pilot certificates. That little stunt cost them their careers.

    But Heather (tongue firmly planted in cheek) … you went to all that trouble to post CNN’s cool story and then you cut of the best part at the end where they talked about, well, you and Mary and myself!

    We were all pretty surprised to make the list I’d say.


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