Just a few flight attendant gift ideas

Hi Heather,

I have a question for you.  My sister is a flight attendant and I was wondering what you would recommend as a good present(s) for her for Christmas? She’s been at the job a little over 2 years and is based out of Chicago, if that’s of any help at all. I figured you would have some recommendations for stuff you might use on a daily basis or just might find useful in general. The year she started, I bought a couple books that flight attendants had written, but I figured if I could get some help from someone with the same job, maybe I could just get her the perfect gift! 

Happy Holidays!

Katie L.

PS My dad is a private pilot, so any tips there would be great, too! 🙂

Dear Katie,

Good question!  Your sis is a lucky girl to have such a caring sister like yourself.  That’s why I hereby dedicate tomorrow’s Galley Gossip post to you – 10 gift for flight attendants (and frequent fliers).  Make sure to check it. 

Until then, here are a few gift ideas: Bose headsets, iPod, tempurpedic eyeshades, travel alarm clock with ambient sounds, tempurpedic travel pillow.  A cashmere scarf with matching gloves that will look nice with her uniform would make a great gift, especially since she’s based in Chicago – Brrrr!  I’m cold just thinking about it.  Every year there’s always a must have, non-regulation, “uniform” item that everyone seems to be wearing and this year, at my airline, that was a red fitted cardigan sweater from The Gap, as well as a pair of women’s navy blue, flat front, trousers from JC Penny’s.  I never did get the brand name.  Personally, I can never own enough pairs of navy blue/black DKNY opaque hose.   Also, make sure to take a look at these cool web sites…

Good luck finding that perfect gift!


Photo courtesy of GeorgeParrilla


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