No he di’int pick free GoGo wireless over bin space!

Dear Heather,
Quick little story….So I was on dash in Chicago the other day, running from Super to Spectacular 80 when I was stopped by a tall handsome stranger wearing all GREEN! Truth be told, he was only wearing a green polo, but it was neon green, and well, that was as far as my eyes would go! I was briefly annoyed.  I was in a hurry! My seat was 3F and I NEEDED that bin space!!! However, once I heard his British accent, bin space was the last thing on my mind. The handsome stranger worked for GOGO and he was about to make my holiday season a whole lot merrier! Not only did I end up with his number, I’ll be connecting on all my flights for free well into the New Year!
Happy Holidays!
Dear Ron,
Wow, I am truly shocked that a British accent beat out bin space!  I mean we’re talking a Super80 here.  We both know there’s not enough space inside the first class bins for all those rollaboards and hanging garment bags that no longer hang due to broken hangers, not when the cabin is full and the very first bin doesn’t even really count.  It’s a little shorter than the others.  You did notice that, right?   Seriously, I don’t care how hot GoGo guy may have been or how sexy he may have sounded whispering free GoGo codes in your ear or whether or not you’re able to get free GoGo well into the New Year, we’re talking bin space here! Not to mention, the guy wore green – NEON GREEN!  That’s almost worse than blue – polyester blue.  You sure you’re feeling alright, Ron? 
PS.  You will be sharing that code, right? 

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