Why flight attendants have to be “flexible”

Dear Heather,
I’m a flight attendant.  I’m at home and wondering if I should put my trip in the computer to drop.  My biggest fear is I’ll fly to New York and my work trip will cancel.  If it leaves tomorrow on time I could make sign in
Unsure & Confused
Dear Unsure & Confused
If you can make it to New York in the next 48 hours something tells me you’re not going to miss your work trip.  That said, I’m unsure and confused about why you’re still at home and not at the airport trying to get out now – as in right now!  We’re talking blizzard like conditions here!  Things are only going to get worse as the day goes on, ya know.  Since you’re still at home my advice to you is to drop the trip.  Stress is a killer. 
As for me, I’ve given up on trying to get to New York today – and I actually bought a ticket!  Because I’ve rebooked myself on a flight leaving on Monday,  I won’t be able to work my three-day trip departing the very same day, which is why I’m now scanning the computer for a two-day trip departing on Tuesday and why I called my trip trader and asked her to go ahead and drop the three-day if she can – just in case I can’t trade it.  That means I’ll be low on hours and forced to make up the hours later in the month.  Again, stress is a killer!  
PS.  This is exactly why airlines look for employees who are “flexible.”  Our schedules are always changing. 
PSS  In about an hour my original flight will land in NYC.  I gambled.  I lost
Photo courtesy of John Barnabus

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