Laviators 83-113









Laviator!! – Kara 



Taken while working a flight. The lav reeked, which is why I look like that. – Thomas  




 Finally had a chance to do it.  I’m a laviator! – Suzy    



 This was taken last week  in Kuwait on my miliatry charter carrying the heroes home from Afghanistan one year tour of duty –  Sherri




 Here is my wife’s  Michelle’s attempt at being a Laviator.    We will work on the technique on future flights.  It was an AirTran 717 from PHL to MCO on December 16, 2009 – David David M. Vanderhoof,  
Airplanegeeks & Plane Crazy Down Under Historian in Residence.


  Alitalia laviator – Matteo 

Matteo – Nice work.  Use of lav spray, a la Vanna White, always a plus. And way to work the subtley creepy look into the photo below.  Heather  



 Good evening. I’m wanting to join the Laviators’s Club. I have attached a photo of my self at 39,000 feet on the way to Georgia on Northwest Arlines Flight #4881 on Nov 18, 2009. Thank you – Mark    

No, thank you, Mark!



Following photos are from my flight from SLC to LAX last week. I attached a “traditional” laviator photo, but my other one has a story. I’ve had a runny nose for about 2 weeks, and the dry air on the plane was hurting my nose so bad. I used up all the tissue I had, and went to the lav to give the schnoz a good blow. Documenting the whole lav visit, I cannot lie that a kleenex couldn’t do the job. Mr. Index Finger had a mission. I look like a grotesque ogre, but that’s a perfect scare for a Halloween flight! (Don’t worry, I washed my hands well, then used hand sanitizer back at my seat) – Nicole 

Agh, TMI!   –  Heather     



 David Parker Brown,   

David,  One word – wow.  This one is going into the hall of fame! – Heather  


  I took this pic in the middle of the night on a Delta B767-400ER in the F lav heading ATL-MAD.  I was way too relaxed from all the wine and pampering, and decided it was time to laviate.  The purser gave me quite a funny/disgusted/intrigued look when she saw me exiting the lav with my Canon. – Brian  

 Boy, is that a wet nap in your hand? – Heather


I joined – YAY!  Southwest LAX to RNO – @Chai_Guy






 I am a flight attendant at Southwest Airlines and your blog keeps me laughing when I am delayed, distraught or just want to be distracted – Craig-Lynne

Glad to be of service – Heather. 

(BTW, looks like Southwest is giving Delta a run for its money.  Watch out @Shultzyness, there’s a new prettiest laviator in town! ) 


 I fly for a private company and fly a Pilatus PC-12 not the biggest airplane but we do have a lav….and last night my captain was making fun of me because of the laviator picture I was going to take…I understand it might be not the greatest picture BUT I wanted to show you that even in Corporate aviation you are making a great impact! (and yes I will take a better one soon!!) – Andres





Taken on the SQ A380 from Singapore to London in September. Is this the first A380 laviator pic? It would be great to be the first!!! 🙂 – TT



 Just after takeoff I snuck back to the bathroom with my headshot and camera and giggling to myself.  Finally, I was getting to join the prestigious ranks of the laviator club.  By the way, another couple kept trying to join another kind of club the entire night if you know what I’m talking about and I think you do.  I was on United Flight 0849 from PHL to LAX and was, sadly, NOT upgraded so I was stuck in steerage with a very small bathroom so I did the best I could!  I included my headshot because I thought that was fitting and/or creative!  I look very, very tired (me – not the headshot!) as it was a night flight.  Just moments after these were taken, the flight became continuously turbulent until Denver!  Whew!  Just a couple of days before this trip, I got cast as Julie in Carousel at a theatre in Philadelphia and I’m super excited.  – Amy Armstrong (  

Congratulations, Amy!  And thanks for joining the club – Heather          



I just got back from our fifth annual weekend ritual of indulging in a pro football game, this year in the fine city of Denver.  As security consultants who spend quite a bit of time in the air with AA, we were able to redeem some of our hard earned AAdvantage miles and enjoy a fantastic weekend in the mile high city.  Speaking of miles high….here’s my shot! – James (Hopefully) Laviator #61   

James,  #61?  Why #61?  How bout #78. – Heather   


Ms Heather, I’m an AWESOME lil flyer. My mom couldn’t get me to look at the mirror, but can I get my laviator wings anyway?





thanks Heather! – Brandon   






Took this laviator photo between SFO and SYD on a UA 744 several hours into the flight. This was my first time crossing the equator and marked my switch from Pollywog to Shellback . This was segment #3 of #5 I flew while traveling from MCI to PEK last month. MCI-ORD-SFO-SYD-AKL-PEK-ORD-MCI was the full itinerary. It was a bit of a mileage run to maintain status for 2010.

The service I had (in coach) on the ORD-SFO-SYD flights were TOP SHELF. I went to the back galley on the UA 767 about 2/3 of the way through the ORD-SFO flight. Asked for a water. Male flight attendant poured, handed it to me, and asked, “Is San Francisco your final destination?” I mentioned that I was connecting to Sydney in SFO. He asked if I had ever been there before (no) and if I had ever been on a flight that long (also no). Then he asked how long I was going to be in Sydney. “Well, believe it or not, I’m actually connecting from Sydney to Auckland then to Beijing.” The flight attendant almost fell over. I returned to my seat. At initial descent into SFO the flight attendant came to my seat, thanked me for my business and handed me an unopened liter bottle of water and wished me a safe adventure. What a nice gesture!  

So I burn a few hours in SFO, then finally board the 744 to SYD. A flight attendant standing by her jumpseat asks “How many days are you going to be in Sydney?” 

I laugh and say, “Well, actually I’m only…”

She cuts me off and says, “Are you the one making all the connections to Asia?”  My mind is reeling.  She explains that a member of my ORD-SFO crew contacted the purser for the SYD flight and told him/her about me and told them to “take good care of him.” The purser shared the instructions with the SFO/SYD crew during their crew briefing. The flight attendant I was talking to said she was so excited to be the one who found me. She asks me for my seat number and gets on the phone to tell everyone she found their special delivery.  

I returned to my seat in awe.  For the next 14 hours I had named-service (“Mr. Meyer, may I…”) at least 10 times in COACH! The crew was unbelievable. Several stopped by to ask me about the trip. One offered a first class amenity kit. My glass was never empty and I’ve never experienced better service in my life.  All seven flights in the itinerary were on time. It was a great trip and I wanted to share. Little acts of customer service make a big difference. Big acts of customer service make a HUGE difference – Justin

Dear Justin, Okay…umm….something tells me the flight attendant who poured the water had a crush on you.  I’m just saying…  – Heather


 (WAVING HAND) I wanna “Laviator T-shirt”=)  I did a transcon this week.  The two flight attendants I was working with finally questioned my odd behavior of going into the lavatory several times with DEMO equipment and my cellphone/camera.  I proclaimed, “I wanna be a Laviator!” – Frank  

Frank, I hereby declare you a laviator.  What are you waiting for?  Go to to get your shirt!  – Heather






  1. 78 more than works for me, Heather….only requested #61 b/c it was the next number available when I submitted.

  2. Hells bells, I always forget to do this 😦 Next time!

    ps: Kara is the prettiest laviator. Oh yea, that doesn’t sound super creepy at all.

  3. Wow, that was a scary picture of me, and an even scarier story. Next time I think I’ll hold off on the TMI. I’m just happy to make the Laviator list!

  4. I’m pretty sure I had the Southwest Airlines flight attendant on my flight yesterday. She was really sweet.

    It was MCO-ISP. Thankfully empty (about 90 people.) The flight was pretty quiet, until we heard an announcement for any “doctor or a nurse to ring their call button.” Always a good thing to hear when you’re almost home, right?

    To the Southwest Airlines F/A (if you see this), thanks for keeping the passengers in rows 1-3 calm and somewhat in the know yesterday!


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