The National Gay Pilot’s Association

Hello Heather,
I was searching for some info a while back and ended up on your website.  A gentleman by the name of Ron inquired if there were any gay pilots.  Yes, there are gay pilots, for which I belong to “the club”.  I fly for a major carrier.  I apologize for not taking the initiative or opportunity to assist Ron sooner.  There is a gay organization called the National Gay Pilot’s Association, which I am on the board of directors.  We had a convention in Palm Springs this weekend.  I feel bad that I’ve been so busy that I was unable to invite him.  The organization is not limited to pilots.  We welcome anyone interested in flying.  We have pilots, both commercial, and private; flight attendants, air traffic controllers, and Flight Service members; mechanics, sky divers, instructors, and those that are not pilots but just interested in flying, AND all of the above partners.  It’s a great group.  Anyone can check out our website, which is in the process of being updated, at   
All the best,
Dear Gregg,
I did mention your organization, the National Gay Pilot’s Association,  in the Galley Gossip post, a question about dating pilots – gay pilots, but I had no idea anyone could join.  Thanks for sharing.
Photo courtesy of Muffet



  1. Yes Iam a Proud Gay flight attendant for Northwest Airlines. Pilots are my lovers, tourists at hotels and one night stands with people where ever I am lost.
    Men love the little Rob Nelson!

  2. I always wanted to know a gay pilot 🙂 men in uniform always excites me!
    I’m young, pretty and pretty damn smart!

    Greetings from Poland (WAW – Warsaw)

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