JETHEAD – a pilot blog

Flight attendants seem to have a love-hate relationship with pilots.  There’s a reason one of the chapters in my book (a work in progress) is entitled why I want to say no when the answer is yes, yes, yes!  But I’ll tell you more about that later, because what I’d like to share with you now is a web site written by a pilot.  Move over Jake Pavelka (The Bachelor), there’s a new captain in town.  This guy is not your typical pilot  blogger, he’s a REALLY funny pilot blogger who goes by the name of JetHead  and writes about the world at 30,000 feet at 500mph, tackling interesting topics such as why passengers should not use the first class lavatory to reasons why the passenger bill of rights may not be a good idea.   He’s definitely the kind of pilot that flight attendants are going to love.  Then again, what can you expect, he married one! 


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