Advice for flight attendants in training

Hello! I have been just recently hired as a flight attendant for a commuter airlines called Colgan Air. I am just emailing you to ask for some advice on starting out, tips of the trade! I hope to hear from you soon!




Even in this day and age of travel when being a flight attendant isn’t quite as glamorous as it once was, airlines receive thousands of applications each month from people who are interested in the job. This means competition is fierce. Airlines choose only the best candidates. That, Leilah, says a lot about you. Congratulations!

When it comes to flight attendant training, as well as those first few months on the job, my advice to you is simply this, do not quit! Trust me, at some point you will want to. I’ve been there. We all have. Just remember that no matter how frustrated or tired you become, do not give up. Training will only last a few weeks and when it’s over you’ll have a lifetime of adventure ahead of you. No matter how much you miss your friends, family, and loved ones, do not throw in the towel. Stay focused. Think about all the great places you can take your family and friends once you get your travel benefits. No matter how much someone misses you and begs you to come home, don’t quit. Just think about all those days off (at least twelve of them) that you can spend with them when you’re not working a nine to five job – Every. Single. Day. No matter which crew base you’re assigned, do not make any rash decisions. The job is flexible and in time you will figure out how to manipulate your flight schedule so that you can be exactly where you want to be whenever you want to be there. Remember, the job is unlike any other job, so it only makes sense that it will take some getting used to. Eventually you will figure out how to make the job work for you.




  1. Hey I am currently a year 12 student who is soon to graduate i really want to be a domestic flight attendant. I find it fun and nonstop which I love. I just wanted to know what are the requirements is there courses I am meant to take e.g. hospitality, first aid. I just want to know the basics into getting a job in the industry. I am located in Australia NSW Sydney

  2. Vanda
    I’m not sure about Australian flight attendants, but I know for Air Canada which wont come in much handy but most airlines are similar so it might:
    •Safety conscious
    •Possess a valid Canadian passport
    •Minimum age – 18 years
    •High school graduation diploma or equivalent
    •Able to meet our medical standards
    •Able to obtain Transport Canada’s Security clearance
    •Well groomed and self confident
    •Must successfully complete our eight week initial training program
    You also need to know English and most likely one other language depending on Australia

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