LAVIATORS 114 – 128


My fave thing to find in airplane lavs–toilet seat protectors! – @Juliana6

Good to know, Juliana.  I MEAN IT!  I do.  Really, I do. 

Upper deck 747 no less.  My dad was a pilot for over 30 years and is now retired, and so you’ve filled the void in my life that was second hand crew chat and airline stories.  Thanks and keep it up!  All the best, James 

Ahhhh…thanks, James!  That is really sweet.  You’ve made my day.  I hereby declare you sweetest laviator.

Christmas Eve (hence the necklace) doing a SJU turn out of IAD. – Annette

 (Yeah, okay, so I’ve been kinda-sorta slacking in the laviator department – hence the necklace.  Tell me something I don’t know. ) 

I couldn’t pass up the chance to take a laviator picture with Mara Gorman, The Mother of All Trips. Here we are with one of each of our children enroute to the Bahamas on JetBlue airlines for a fabulous press trip at the Atlantis hotel; it just might have been the Mother of All Trips!  Best, Candice “CanCan” Broom. / @MomMostTraveled

Can Can Broom, why can’t I have a name like Can Can Broom?  If Can Can Broom can get THAT many people into a lav, Can Can IS the mother of all trips.  Dang, girl, I think you may have set a laviator record!  Well…that is if I don’t count the airline crew of eight. 

My husband and I travel with our duck and frog and take their photo’s where ever we go. After reading your blog, I just knew that the duck, frog and myself had to become laviator’s! I took these photo’s on a Air New Zealand flight from San Francisco to Auckland last November.  I hope the duck and frog make it on your blog! –  Dawn 

O – kay.  That’s all I’m going to say.










Celebrating my awesome Virgin flight – @Dhepburn






On Christmas Eve I finally took the plunge and took a Laviator picture.  It was the first time in a while I’d been on an airplane with a lav and I didn’t want to miss my chance.  Normally I fly little two or four seat trainers.  Here I am sporting my DuPont Motorsports (Nascar) shirt, and I took the pic with my Verizon HTC Imagio phone.  My wife, @BlondeChampagne on Twitter and, wouldn’t join me ’cause she didn’t want people thinking we were joining the “other” club. –  @InstructorJosh

  What other club?  There is no other club!  Remember that, Instructor Josh. 

Laviator Love – @DavidOptimal

 Jeez, you’re telling me! (Chicka Bown Bown….)












Hey Heather, here’s my Laviator pic! Finally! Taken on an Air Canada flight from Montreal to Vancouver. Thanks!  – @Shawnosourus

(I love this shot.  It’s simple, yet slightly disturbing, like a mug shot , except he’s smiling – kind of – in the lav, which is…well…CREEPY – the whole mug shot subtle smiley thing!)


Here is my laviator photo!  Photoshopped for obvious reasons.  Please don’t use my name.  Maybe post it as anonymous or Mr. Friendly.

Dear Anonymous or Mr Friendly, you secret is safe with me.   


(While this isn’t exactly a laviator shot, they’re beautiful, they’re flight attendants, and they’re twins!  They also have tons of information on corporate flying.  And…well…it doesn’t get much better than that! 

We are identical twin corporate flight attendants and yes we work together –  same flights whenever possible .  Passengers love it.  (I BET!)  Seriously if you ever have any questions at all, please consider me/us as sources for corporate aviation or anything to do with life as a flight attendant who works directly for an aircraft manufacturer – worlds largest maufacturer of private jets! Bombardier Aerospace.  In my career I have trained probably around 40 different airlines around the world.  Like I said…if you ever have questions…please do not hesitate to ask!  (WILL DO…IN FACT, I’M THINKING FLIGHT ATTENDANTS OF THE MONTH!) Cheers – Lynnette Thate-McCoubrey (Flight Attendant Instructor – Bombardier Aerospace – ) 

PS  Here are a few useful websites for corporate flight attendant information  .comcorporatefainsider & 


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