Really I just wanted to use the word “Kuchi”…

I live in LA, but I grew up in Texas, which explains why I got a little excited when I spotted the Texas Rangers airplane at LAX.  As soon as I got home I tweeted, “Dropped the husband off at the airport and spotted The Texas Rangers Jet near John Travolta’s Jet. (Only in LA).”  This caused someone going by the name of Shokikuchi to write, “You may want to refer to that Texas Rangers plane as the Dallas Stars plane.  They share the same plane & the Stars are in LA tmrw,” which is why I thought, Note to self: buy hockey tickets. I freakin love hockey!  But I didn’t write that.  Instead I wrote something about traveling with kids on the airplane, which had absolutely nothing to do with what Shokikuchi, whom I will now refer to as Kuchi (it’s just easier this way), wrote next.  “In case you’re interested you can see Texas Rangers on one side and Dallas Stars on the other side”  I thought that was kinda funny because, well, I really had no interest at all.  But since Kuchi and I really seemed to be hitting it off, bonding over this plane thing, I clicked the link – just to be nice.  Then I sent a twitpic to my new best friend, you know the one, of the photo posted above.  Well this caused quite a frenzy amongst aviation geeks on twitter.  One of those geeks, FlyingwithFish, tweeted, “Forget the TX Rangers 757-236 (originally a British Airways 752) … show me the 727 next to it!” which had me thinking, 727….what 727?  So I went back and took a look at my photo, as if I were some kind of 727 expert or something!  Honestly, the FE’s (flight engineers) are the only thing I remember about that aircraft.  They were so cute!  Oh…umm….that is if you’re into that kind of thing.  Which I’m not.  Anymore.  Can’t say the same for my best friend, an ex flight attendant,  since she married one – a pilot.  Let’s call him G.  (Stick with me. It all comes together in the end.  Kind of.) G’s a 767 Captain, not a 727 FE, and he’s obsessed with Star Wars.  So of course I thought of G when I found this CHEWIE IS MY CO-PILOT T-shirt today.  Then I couldn’t help but think of Kuchi, whom I haven’t heard from since the tweeting of the twitpic, which is really sad, dontcha think?  I mean everyone should have a wingman named Kuchi!  Just think of the shirts we could make!

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