Travel tip #9: Create space saving magic

Dear Heather,
In reference to your post, 10 smart travel tips for women around the world, I have an issue with tip # 9, pack an amazing convertible dress like the American Apparel Cotton Jersey Bandeau Dress.  You did not just give American Apparel a shout out!  I don’t care if  the dress is “space-saving magic” and only costs $43.  Did you SEE this dress?  I clicked on it because I couldn’t stop giggling,and then it turned into a full-fledged gut wrenching laugh.  It’s so Stars On Ice meets Little Appalachian Barbie, and they fought over the fabric.  Heather, if you have this dress, I am SO sorry.  Burn it.
You’ll be happy to know I do not own that dress.  But I do love the idea of a convertible dress that’s easy to pack and can be worn more than one way.  Hey, whadayasay we design a line of clothes of our own!  We’ll call it Four-Four-Seven after the first three digits of my employee number.  Come on, Ron, let’s create truly beautiful space-saving magic together.  Only we’ll charge more.   
Dear Heather,
You have no idea how glad I am to hear that you do not own that dress.  I, too, like the idea of a convertible dress, just not that one, or one even similar to that one.  Heather, I think you’re in luck because before I became a medical professional I worked for Banana Republic as a merchant.  That’s how I ended up first in San Francisco.  So consider me in!  Only I thought we’d call the line Super-80.  You know how much I love my Super-80’s. 
Dear Ron,
I’m the boss.  You’re fired!  
Dear Ron,
After much deliberation I’ve decided I need you.  You’re rehired.


  1. LOL! I can’t stop laughing, I had no idea I was ever hired and fired and re-hired. Wow. Let’s get to work.

  2. I travel overseas/domestically for scholarly conferences and research…
    I got so tired of classic black (not my best color) that I dug for others… Victoria’s Secret’s convertible dress (long & short) works even on less-than-perfect figures, and come in a rainbow of colors – and I’m not usually a VS woman. Soft Surroundings carries a similar dress at this time. Check out Travelsmith for dresses in other colors that wash/dry in a flash – although some might make you groan.

    Counsel re accessorizing still holds: I pack scarves, etc., in zipper bags, squooshing the air out, and they take up next to no space/weight (the ‘extra’ bags are handy, too!)

    • I can’t wait to check out the VS dress! Thanks for the tip. A good dress is hard to find.

    • Marie,

      I thought about underwear, but then I was like, do I really want the world seeing MY underwear. The answer is no. And so I leave it to the imagination. 🙂 Anyway, underwear is small and easy to pack

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