Art on the airplane – Fallyn



  1. I still have all the pictures and notes little kids wrote on my flights. Some are probably now adults, maybe with kids of their own by now.

    So cute, especially those to me personally.

    • I’m saving mine, too. They’re so sweet. My 3 year-old loves them even more. He’s even taped a few of his favorites on the fridge. I don’t know when, so busy – but I should interview you sometime, Sharon.

      • Hi Heather

        I just read the NYtimes article all about your packing advice for travelers. You look great – like Laura Linney!

        What is the brand and model of the carry-on luggage that you use?

        Thanks for your tips! My husband always chides me on bringing “too much stuff” – I’m going to knock his socks off with these new packing tips!


      • Michelle,

        It’s the Travelpro 22″ Suiter. I’ll write more about it later. It’s a good bag, but it does have a few problems. I prefer my smaller bag. I’ll tell you why in an upcoming post.

  2. hey there. . .Enjoyed reading your blog. 🙂 my dream is to become a flight attendant too. teehee. may i know which airline are you working for? Have a nice day ~

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