Working Mark Cuban’s G5 jet

NOTE: Yes, that’s me!  But this photo was taken a bzillion years ago.  No comments on the hair. 

The best part about the corporate gig (it didn’t last long) was this.  I wore whatever I wanted (business attire), met a couple of Mavericks (Finley, Dirk, Nash) and spent an entire week in DC.  The pay rocked – almost as much as my jump seat.  As for Mark Cuban, all he wanted was a Diet Coke.  That’s it.  Easiest job ever.



  1. I love my part-time corporate gig, just wish it was stable enough to make a career out of. Had a group of eight on a Global Express for a transcon. They all boarded, and then promptly fell asleep until we landed on the west coast. I spent 6 hours doing absolutely nothing, and was paid 4x what I would get at the airline.

    • Noah – I hear ya. Made more in that week than I did working for a commercial carrier. But a major is stable and provides health benefits. Gotta weigh the pros and cons…

  2. Are you contracted out to work this jet or do you actually work for Mark? I’ve always wonder if the private jets that are privately owned (not the fractional ownership or charter arrangements) have their own flight crews or if they are contracted out to staffing companies.

  3. Is thinking about a major career change. Need your opinion or advise. I am one of those college students that yet haven’t found exactly what I want to be in life. I know what I love to do but yet don’t know how to do it, until I ask someone in the shoes I dream to be in. I enjoy traveling and no children or anything or one holding me back. I love serving to someone’s needs and I am the friendliest people person. What steps should I take in being a G5 Flight Attendant? Thanks, Ms. K Bines

    • This is not easy to do. You need a lot of customer service experience, as well as fine dining experience, if you haven’t worked for a major airline. You will also have to qet “qualified” to work the airplane, which means you will be familiar with how to use emergency equipment and operate exit doors and windows. The major airlines pay for this training. In the private corporate world you will have to pay for it and I hear it can be rather pricey. Go to a local airport (not a major) and ask around about companies that hire private jet flight attendants. You can also start here….

  4. As a fellow collegue in the industry your professionalism is lacking. You should never fish about your clients. Infanct I know you signed a confidentiality agreement…

    We won’t be calling “Heather Poole” for a contract ever.

    • You are wrong. I did NOT sign a confidentiality contract, although I’m sure most corporate/private flight attendants do. If you’d read my book, you’d know that because I wrote all about it. I also sent the pages about Mark to him for his approval before the book went to print. I’d also like to thank you for NOT calling me to work for you! HA!

  5. Just make sure the toilets are cleaned properly Alex, you sure to be concerned with CA’s, not everyone has to sign one as a condition of employment, now for the blue water guy’s, maybe you need to.

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