Video: Fun with flight attendant Barbie (take 5!)


  1. I just gave away one of those outfits on my blog!! 😛

    Believe it or not there’s an airline in Oz that has a similar dress (only longer and with a more modest neckline)

    • You’ll need to photograph the flight attendants wearing the similar uniform dress – I need to see this.

  2. Heather,

    I, um, love it! O.K.

    I can’t believe I don’t have an f/a Barbie! I have, literally, 12 large boxes of airline memorabilia in my garage. Yet not one contains a Barbie. I have all kinds of treasures like PanAm propeller stir-sticks, playing cards from many airlines (some from as far back as 80 years!). I have timetables from the 1930’s, beautiful, large steel Constellation, 707, and 727 models (all from the ’50s and ’60s). Isn’t it funny how one man’s treasure is another man’s garbage to clear out of the garage?

    Love your video, um, ok then. Bye.
    Chris Berger
    AA F/A

    • The husband has cleaned out the closet/museum while I’ve been on a trip more than once, boxing it up and putting it all in storage. That’s okay. Now there’s more room for more stuff! 🙂

  3. I have a photo somewhere of it, will post it on my Facebook when I find it.

    Have you seen the repro Pan Am 60’s Barbie? Want me one of those!

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