Photo of the day: God’s departure lounge

Can you guess which airport this is? 

(Photo courtesy of Kim Tolido)



  1. “My Delta logo is better than yours.” “No, mine is.” “No, mine is.” “Guys, can’t we all get along?”

    • Now that’s just funny due to a previous conversation w/Mainline FA! I mentioned “someone has to “die” in our airline for me to move up in my seniority level”, DL FA replies, “…on our trips it may be during the flight”.

  2. Having never flown delta i will guess it’s JFK

    American football team return from World Cup
    But Vanish In Arrivals!

      • Taoyuan International also has a c3 ?, lol
        Never been to The States, will have to come over, I know a plane that as, Concorde,Made a lot of money from Concorde, Photographed it in Manchester EGCC, sold images on Ebay, and bought a car, lol, i will have to do something one day with those images, how about making me the first Millionare on here, everyone who sends me £5.00 via Paypal, i will send them a nice Stylish Picture of Concorde, signed Of Course! lol

  3. This looks a bit like the starting grid of a race, so..
    “Gentlemen, start your engines!”

    Hey, looks like I won yesterday 🙂

  4. “We’d now like to pre-board anyone who might need a little extra…oh nevermind, just c’mon down.”

  5. I was going to guess Miami.

    We used to call it the “miracle flight”. They all needed wheelchairs to get on but walked off, no problem once we arrived. They liked being pre-boarded but didn’t want to wait at the destination for the wheelchair!

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