3 Replies to “Oh yes I am wearing my third carry-on item and there’s nothing the airline can do or say about it!”

  1. They do make photographer vests with plenty of pockets. and aren’t there all sorts of cargo pants with pockets and zippers up and down the legs?

  2. Yes, it is tempting. As I was boarding a flight at LAX to Hawaii, I was told my carry on for my computer, camera and some lenses was not a computer bag. Fine, but I was not carrying a purse and the bag could fit under the seat or very easily in the overhead. I am fond of this bag, inside a net area for chargers and cables and it has outside zipper areas for id, tickets, book and a random candy bar and it is red. Do I have to give it up? I gave up my computer bag because it was heavy, I left it in Europe mid trip.

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