10 Replies to “Photo of the day: See I didn’t have to buy my mother in-law a ticket!”

  1. Sorry Miss, that is the new crew rest closet, your dress will have to go in the overhead or under the seat in front of you. Or we can gate check it. #thankyouAPFA

    1. I think Bob the singing pilot will especially love the new rest closet, especially now that we can lock him inside!

  2. Ma’am, that dress wil not fit on the overhead compartment. You will have to check it. There is a $100 wedding dress check fee and a $250 handling fee if you don’t want us to completely destroy it. ;]

  3. “excuse me miss FA, can you do my laundry? i couldnt do it because i had to be here 2 hours early”

  4. “bridezilla murders her husband and pretends it’s a dress so she doesn’t pay to take him home”

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