Traveling brides – it’s all about the dress

“Cinderella dresses belong in fairytales, not on airplanes!” 

Oh yes I did pack this dress inside my crew bag!

That’s a line from the Galley Gossip post I wrote giving advice to brides travling with a wedding dress that inspired the formation of the flickr photo group Traveling Brides – it’s all about the dress!   The group was also inspired by a few tweets about airport bars…


DeAnnSmithkc: I was very very lucky. I flew Northwest with my dress (bought in Ark, flew home to KC) & dress got a whole row to itself.

hdavis: I carried my wedding dress on all the way to Fiji from Ohio. Almost left it in a bar at LAX, but I digress

Heather_Poole: Attention brides, do not leave the dress in a bar at LAX, like hdavis ALMOST did. Might be a good idea to skip the bar just this once.

JennaSchnuer: Wear the dress to the bar/on the plane

gray_hardy: You may get free drinks that way, too! (wearing wedding dress to air-bar)

Heather_Poole: I hereby declare today wear your wedding dress to a bar/on the plane day! (Free drinks for everyone!!)

muftopmommy: Ever try to tinkle in a wedding dress? I’d rather buy everyone drinks!

Heather_Poole: Brings us back to less is more – no more poofy dresses!

Everywhereist: Can I gush about my wedding dress? So easy to pack – it was supposed to be wrinkly! (Photo posted on flickr group Traveling Brides)

Heather_Poole: Beautiful.  Now you’ve got me thinking.  Let’s start a flickr photo group and share our photos!

So that’s what I did.  I have yet to add my own photo, but I will soon. 


1 . Go to Traveling Brides and post a photo of your wedding dress
3.  Tell us exactly how the dress traveled to your wedding
4.  Share your wedding dress travel tips
5.  Feel free to link back to your own blog

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