What if Marcel the shell with shoes on flew on a plane?

This has been a crazy couple of weeks as far as flight attendants are concerned.  28 Turkish flight attendants were suspended for being overweight (half of them were men),  an Air France flight attendant was arrested for stealing jewelry and cash from business class passengers (I  want to know how!), JetBlue’s Steven Slater called a passenger an A-hole over the PA and escaped down the slide with two beers (wonder which brand?) and to top it all off a Southwest Airlines flight attendant grabbed an infant to keep her from being “popped” by her mother for crying too loudly (way to go Southwest!).  But enough already!  Which may explain why I immediately fell in love with Marcel the snail with shoes on.   Marcel is simple, yet charming, a bright light in this fast and crazy world of constant airline drama.  While watching the video directed by Dean Fleischer and featuring the voice of Jenny Slate of Saturday Night Live, I couldn’t help but wonder what if Marcel the shell with shoes on flew on a plane?  I posed the question on twitter.  Here are a few of the responses….

Do you know what Marcel uses for a seatbelt?  Dental Floss

Marcel doesn’t get off the plane to tan.  He uses a reading light.

Marcel turns on an air vent and it’s an instant hurricane. 



  1. Very cute and funny! I think he is “Marcel the Shell” – not “Marcel the Snail” though.

    Marcel would NEVER have to check baggage – and could carry on way more than 2 bags!

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