Photo of the day: Flight attendant muses, “if the white socks don’t soak up the germs on this floor, maybe the kid will….”

Photo courtesy of Bob the singing pilot

Caption courtesy of Vicki Howell



  1. “Excuse me, Miss, “Says the flight attendant,”but it has to be put under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment”

  2. Welcome to Ryanair. Oh, ma’am, I’m sorry, did you pay the baby fee? Yes, we have a $30 fee for small children.. they usually don’t fit in our standing seats, so we have to strap them to the floor with a special restraint…

  3. Whoa, I got to get me a better look at those sexy low cut two tone socks this dude in red is wearing before those two see them and induct him into the mile high club… Hey there sexy feet…..

  4. “No, I’m sorry, I did check but we just don’t have enough Purell on board for both your socks and the child.”

  5. That’s so funny.

    I was just telling a mom last night at an event “Get him used to crawling around with socks on his hands so that when you go on your next trip, he’ll be used to it and he can crawl on the floor without getting too dirty…”

    Even sock-handed, my kids never got near the galley though. Those floors are nasty!

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