Indigo flight attendants are forced to cut their hair – or wear a wig

Meet the flight attendants from IndiGo Airlines. They’re young, chic, and might be wearing a wig. Well that is if they refuse to cut their own hair. According to Anindita Ghose in the article A Curious Case of Stewardess Hair, the airline’s brand new uniform includes a grey tunic with an indigo corsage and hat that is to be worn with bright red nail and lip color, as well as the uniform bob. The new look was launched on August 15th.

IndiGo Airlines is a private domestic low cost carrier based in Gurgayon Haryana, India. It’s main base is Delhi’s Indira Gandhi’s International Airport. In 2008 the airline won the title “Best Domestic Low Cost Carrier” in India. I wonder if the airline wants to reclaim that title by updating its uniforms and having their female flight attendants sport what the airline reports is a more sophisticated and international look? According to the stylist for the airline in an interesting article posted by Aneesh Padnish on, long hair or hair buns do not go with the new image that makes their flight attendants appear younger and smarter and, in my opinion, quite French and very vavavavoom!


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  1. I had a coworker who sometimes wore a wig. She loved it. Said it beat having to do her hair. She had dark hair so it wasn’t obvious when she had it on. It looked cute on her and it never plopped in any passengers’ drink!

    My sister, by contrast, hated hers’. While going through chemo, she wore her turbans more than her wig (and she works at a desk so keeping it put was not an issue). Her wig was hot and itchy, even though it was a top-of-the-line model and looked good. Perhaps since she had a bare head under, that made it uncomfortable.

    1. There’s a difference between choosing to wear one, and being forced to do so! I’d love to try on that wig and see how I look. I think it’s adorable! But do I want to wear it to work? No!

  2. whether being forced or not is a debatable question, why not ask these sweet girls and then come to any conclusions? as for me i am in love with all of them whenever i am on flight just cos of them waving those silky glossy hair, and now am planning to take my family by indigo just cos of the wig factor effect

  3. Those girls are lucky.They are allowed to wear a wig if they do not want to cut their hair. I work for the police and am not that lucky.I have to cut it off ears off forehead and above cpllar.

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