VIDEO: Brickheadz breakdancing in New York at La Guardia Airport

FYI:  “Youtubing” IS a verb – and if it’s not it should be! 

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  1. It wasn’t a celebrity but we did have a passenger who volunteered to do this kind of healing that didn’t involve any touching. The woman sort of held her hands out in front of the sick passenger quietly. A friend later on told me about it but I’ve forgotten the name for it (so it’s a reconized alternative healing method, not something she made up). We allowed her to do it after the passenger was doing better and sleeping and only because the woman didn’t need to do anything directly to the passenger. We figured it wouldn’t hurt.

    Also, Andre Agassi signed an autograph for a passenger who passed out in economy (in front of me, thank you!) Someone with low blood pressure drank alcohol on an airplane (two ways of lowering it further). Dramatic but not life threatening.

    At least he got an autograph out of his adventure from Andre Agassi, who was up in business on his flight. May it be a reminder for him to NOT take blood pressure lowering medication, get on a plane and drink alcohol again!

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