Flight attendant shoes – what NOT to wear….


I came across your blog review you did of a pair of Clark Shoes  and was impressed.  I read some of the comments and I had no idea that there were so many restrictions to what shoes a flight attendant could wear.  I bet that makes it very difficult for you to find comfortable shoes to wear during work time.  But this is why I am reaching out to you today, I work with Kuru Footwear and I wanted to see if you would be interested in reviewing a pair of our travel shoes.  The pair that I had in mind for you was either these…
or these…
Dear Nathan,
Thanks for thinking of me and my shoe needs, but I’m not quite sure how to respond to your shoe suggestions except to say that I can’t imagine wearing black sneakers with a navy blue uniform – or anything at all.  I mean I’ve been working for a major US carrier for the last 15 years, but I’m not  THAT senior, not black leather sneaker wearing senior!  And even if I were that senior these shoes you’ve chosen for me are not regulation.  And hopefully never will be.  I’ll just leave it at that… 


  1. I swear I’ve seen the dinosaurs wearing those. They must sneak them on after they make it past the crew room uniform police.

  2. We can’t wear the shoes your company suggests, but maybe you could get some flight attendants to help you design some. I would like flash lights built into mine so that I can see all the legs and luggage in the aisles during the night flights. I could also use them for dark evacuations. Steel tips or really hard rubber would help with cart toe. Most airlines are still very sexists and insist women wear pumps. I’d like to see our CEO walk around all day in a pair of pumps and try wearing them inflight. Very, very painful.

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