Photo of the day: Mommy, how long until I reach a million frequent flier miles and why do I have to roll your bag?!

Photo courtesy of Holly Allen

Caption: Courtesy of David and Barry!



  1. Photo caption:

    Hey, mommy, look at that suspicious devise on the bench there next to the ATM machine. We better call TSA.

    • Oh jeez, I actually had to go and look for the “suspicious” item. You, sir, have quite an eye! Shall I pick you up an application next time I’m at the airport?

  2. The “Hello-Kitty” Undercover AirMarshal is Observing the “Suspect” at the ATM machine, with a “Unusual, and Suspect Device” Adjacent and seemingly under his control, Alerting TSA and Port Authorities of this “Situation”

  3. “Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a FA attendant just like Heather! Her experiences are priceless and worth the crap she puts up from passengers and the sucky pay!!”

  4. How about that one mommy? He’s got money. I’m getting tired of being dragged around the airport so you can find a rich guy. I keep telling you, you would have better luck with a puppy.

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