Photo of the day: American Airlines announces its new route from Times Square with service to Grand Central, with 200 daily departures

Photo courtesy of Eric Hodgson

Caption courtesy of



  1. Some Blackcherry in my Goldfrapp Martini on the Train and I feel like I was born sleeppy in an underworld listening to Lou on a Perfect day. But before I could to some relaxing Cloudspotting. I had to be Trainspotting through time with Brian Eno until we reached the deep blue day on the horizon.

  2. Due to the economy, American will now be launching their new subway service in hopes of meeting the public’s demand for cheap fares.

  3. ’twas the night before Christmas
    and all through the air
    many people were flying,
    but Santa was not there.
    Old St. Nick steadied himself
    as the Subway sped away
    once again the Airlines had failed him;
    he’d been bumped off standby today.

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