Is there a flight attendant who doesn’t feel this way right now?

Image courtesy of Anne Taintor Inc

As a flight attendant, I totally relate to the characters Anne Taintor has created.   If you haven’t checked out her website, do so now by clicking THIS LINK.  You can thank me later.  



  1. Thanks for the link. Great/Funny Stuff.
    I enjoy your blog, but more regular postings, perhaps with a focus would make it far more interesting. Happy New Year.

  2. I loved her website, thanks for the tip!

    I discovered your blog sometime around the holidays this year and got totally addicted! I know you probably have people tell you stories like this all the time, but I’m determined to become a flight attendant. I finished college in 2010 (at age 20, I began to attend college at 16 in Washington state) and then I moved to France on my own for three months. When I got home in November, I decided that I want to become a FA!
    I’ve done tons of research and know how hard the first (few) years will be and I’m completely prepared and determined. Unfortunately, I’m not bilingual and as far as I know the airlines I’m interested in aren’t hiring (I would really like to work for Delta in particular). I check the websites every day for new job postings, I don’t care if it takes years. I will do everything in my power to become a flight attendant! In the meantime, I’m working at my old job.
    I saw on your Facebook that flight attendants were facing their final interviews for Delta the other day, and I was wondering if you knew any more about that! I recently went to my local airport (SEA) and asked if there were any openings in-person at their career center. They ended up directing me back to the website, but on my way out I struck up a conversation with a Delta pilot who said to keep trying because would be hiring soon. Do you know of any airlines that mayyyy be hiring in the semi-near future (I’d also be very interested in United!)?

    Again, I know you probably get questions like this all the time and I’m sorry to bother you!

    If you want to contact me, my blog is Thank you so much for your blog, and safe travels!

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