Photo of the day: What did the big bag say to the little bag? Be-atch, stop sitting on me!

Photo courtesy of me! (Heather Poole)

Quote courtesy of Nicholas Ortiz


  1. I can never remember that stupid saying. If I see nothing I say something? Nope, that’s not it. If I see something I say nothing? Nope that’s not it. Damn, who left these very unmatched bags unattended in the middle of the airport? I’m going with , if I see something I say nothing, yeah that’s it, other wise I’ll be here all day filling out forms.

  2. Hey you below me … Just because I carry the laptop, the iPad, his money, and his “I might get lucky at the airport” condom, doesn’t mean you have to get green with envy.

  3. Steal Me!

    Seriously, this habit is dangerous as its easy for someone to walk by and off with your stuff. A colleague of mine had this happen while checking into a hotel.

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