Hotel key card breakfast tray

I’m not afraid to admit I have a fairly large collection of Do Not Disturb signs.  They’re hanging on every door in my house.  I’ve also acquired quite a few hotel key cards over the years.  Those are all lining the inside of my tote bag.  It’s not like I meant to take them!  More like I forgot to drop them off while making a mad dash for the hotel van departing to the airport early in the morning.  So what is a girl to do with a stack of hotel key cards?  Create a “decoupage” tray!  I fell in love with the idea the moment I spotted the above photo in the September issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray.  Danny Seo, the genius behind the idea, suggests picking up an unfinished wooden tray from Micheals. Use random key cards as “tile” and glue them to the bottom of the tray.   Visit DailyDanny or pick up a copy of Upcycling: creating beautiful things with the stuff you already have to learn how.

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  1. This is such a cute idea. It brings out both nice memories from your travels, plus can be a symbol of moments shared with the one you have breakfast with :).

  2. Hmm. A nice breakfast tray and a cute idea, but… Do you know anyone who has time to eat breakfast in bed, from a tray? You might consider a second job for your ‘excessive’ days off, including the possibility of retirement a few years earlier than expected. (With the airlines’ recent history re: retirement plans, you may need it…… . -C.

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