Photo of the day: After being fed up with airline fees, George decided to start his own Occupy Airport sit-in!

Photo courtesy of  ©Joseph Linaschke 2011 / / @Travel_Junkie

Caption courtesy of @JohnHatchCO1



  1. CRAP!!! Who put that EEfin pole right where I was walking. I hope that damn flight Attendant doesn’t put this on Facebook….!

  2. Wow– I’ve seen elites line up before the flight to get that very first overhead space, even when they’re flying first class.
    But to lie down on that filthy carpet just to be first to board. What has ‘status’ done to people…in a perfect world I’d be very last to board!

  3. OK, Who put that EEFin post right in the way of the first class line? The flight attendant will see me and help me up. As the FA’s from several airlines step over him.” One less A$$h*!* on my flight”

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