Flight attendant gifts: Stewardess Barbie, Polly Pocket flight attendant, Dream Jet Plane, Barbie luggage

Oh you know you’re digging her stylish Rihanna-like bob and that vintage, greyish blue, Pan Am-like uniform.  1966 Stewardess Barbie is now available at ToysRus ($32.98)



Every Barbie flight attendant wants to work the Barbie Dreamliner Jet (AKA The Barbie Glam Vacation Jet) with Captain Cheeseball. And for less than it costs to purchase a one-way airline ticket to most US cities, this luxurious plane can be yours –  and only yours (think your own row!) – for $119.99!  Now on sale (online) at ToysRus for $95.99.  Price includes dolls. NOT checked luggage fees.




A REAL frequent flying Barbie carries matching hardshell rolling luggage.  $49.99 at ToysRus




Because every flight attendant dreams of wearing aqua marine go-go boots with a matching train conductor’s hat while zipping up and down the aisle on a scooter!   Polly Pocket Adventure Stunt-n-Style Jet ($39.99) Hot pink goggles and luggage included

NOTE: This post was NOT sponsored by ToysRUs, even though it should have been.  (You listening ToysRus?!)


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