Book Review: Miss New York Has Everything!

Only a flight attendant knows an international layover doesn’t equate to happiness.  And only an ex flight attendant who is now an author can make “flying international” sound truly miserable.  Published in 2006, Miss New York Has Everything proves not a lot has changed over the years as far as flying is concerned.  The book starts off slow, but quickly picks up as soon as Lori Jakiela moves to New York to begin her flying career.  But that doesn’t happen until halfway through the book. For that I give it 4 stars instead of 5. Based on the cover artwork, this LOOKS like a flight attendant book, so those who purchase it might be disappointed to learn that even though Lori was a flight attendant for a major U.S. carrier, this book isn’t JUST about flying. It’s about a woman from a small town who has a big dream. She wants to become a writer. At the age of 45 she decides to go for it by becoming a flight attendant and moving to New York. New York, of course, is where dreams come true. I loved reading about her life in Queens. Because like most new hires who get based in New York, that’s where most of us end up.  Lori is funny, but in a dark and depressing kind of way.  Although I really enjoyed the book, I wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone. Writers will relate to her struggle. Flight attendants will relate to how lonely and miserable the author feels at times. Women may be inspired by how she never gave up the dream, regardless of the path she took to reach it.


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