My interview with Fox News

If you missed my interview on Fox &  Friends you can Click HERE to watch The After the Show Show and find out what I think about the electronic device policy, naked passengers, and what happens when a little old lady drinks too much vodka in flight.

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  1. The interview, I loved it!!!! Everything you said was true, you looked so beautiful and spoke eloquently. I am going to get your book, I cant wait to read it. As a Fa myself I am always so amazed how clueless people are about our jobs on lots of levels. Being a flight attendant is a special job, we are a special group of people who share a certain resourcefulness and a disdain for bordom. It’s not a job for everyone of course, but for those who can hack it and see the silver lining, it is so much better than the 9-5 ho hum grind of weekends off and the Saturday morning grocery store rush. I think the lifestyle of a flight attendant gets in your blood and if you don’t quit within the first 5 years you never will because how can you go back to working a normal job? I’m going into my fifth year in April. I am still on straight reserve with a major and yes it’s tough sometimes, but just yesterday I was wine shopping in Milan with some new FA friends. I got up this morning served some drinks and lunch to some nice folks who flew home to the states with us, chatted up some nice people in the back galley, got a two hour crew rest nap and now I’m home enjoying my time off, not bad for a couple days work. It’s not always this nice, but it does remind you why we choose to do this job. Thanks Heather for being the charming articulate voice of many.

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