DNTO radio interview: How people change in the air

Dear Heather,  I thought you might like to know why I bought your book!  I completed a degree in Sociology a year ago and was in the car last week, listening to the CBC interview you did with Sooki-Yin Lee.  You were talking about how peoples’ attitudes and personalities seemed to change in the confines of a plane.  You suggested that it was possibly the factor of anonymity that made them feel they could behave as they pleased – because they would never see these same people again.  As I listened, I thought that this was an excellent example of the sociology of group behaviour and wanted to learn more.  I came home and immediately ordered from Amazon.ca.  My book arrived today and I am looking forward to an interesting read. – Sharon

Here’s a podcast of the show Definitely Not the Opera that Sharon mentioned above. The entire episode is really interesting.  If you’re short on time, my segment starts at 38.48.  Check it out!

Definitely Not The Opera – How people change up in the air.


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