20/20: Just Plane Crazy Interview

20/20 interviewed me for an episode called Just Plane Crazy.  The full segment can be viewed HERE.  Or you can  pick and choose a segment…

JUST PLANE CRAZY:  Passengers Gone Wild: You won’t believe what some people will do in the air.

JUST PLANE CRAZY: Celebs Flying Foibles: Some celebrities’ airplane antics have landed them in hot water.

JUST PLANE CRAZY: Crews Gone Wild:  Underpaid, overworked flight crews sometimes go to extremes.

The best part about the whole experience: I got to meet Chris Connelly!

20/20’s Chris Connelly. I can’t tell you how nice and funny he is! If you ever run into him ask him about the famous lead singer from the 80’s who yelled at him on a flight.
While I was trying to work up the courage to ask Chris Connelly if he would pose with me for a photo, he asked me to sign his book – MY BOOK. I was shocked. And I could tell he’d actually read it! Even more shocking.
I had no idea what to write!


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