Air Canada Jazz flight crew shows off their Cruising Attitude!

Have read your blog for a long time now, and have since worked as Cabin Crew at Jazz (Air Canada Express) for 2 years.  In response to the Saudi crew posing with their Cruising Attitude, I thought I would send you mine – from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada!  First book I’ve read in 2 years, and read it cover-to-cover on my 4 day pairing on layovers, deadheads, and sits… but never in my jumpseat, of course.  Thanks for a great read, fly safe! Hope this reaches you well – S. F. 


  1. Hi,
    It is me your cousin from the family reunion! (McCown) I bought your book today at Barnes and Noble Plano. They remembered meeting you and your funny husband! I plan to enjoy it on my trip to the East!

    Your cuz,
    Elaine and John Brandt
    Maiden name Ramage

    • You are so funny. It was nice seeing you and thank you for supporting “the cause” LOL! Can’t believe the saleslady remembered me.

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