Real Simple: How to pack like a pro (Just a few quotes!)

There’s a great article about packing featured in this month’s issue of Real Simple magazine (July 2012).  And I’m not just saying that because they quoted me and gave my book a little love.  Okay so maybe I am!  HA!  No seriously, it’s a really good article. I even learned a thing or two about packing. …

[A special thank you goes to Vicki Howell for teaching me how to pack jewelry]


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  1. Hi Heather – cool blog you’ve got! I discovered your site through Chris Manno/JetHead’s blog, and I write about public relations, sometimes covering travel myself.

    Even though these tips apply to many items for female travelers, I can think of the guy equivalents very easily – I especially like the advice about putting crushable items on top.

    Also: cool use of images to highlight the article!

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